Presidency of Donald Trump

Bulgarian Professor and MP: The Green Certificate is Meaningless

"The green certificate does not protect the population, it assumes that the holder of such a certificate does not spread the virus in any way, but they can, which makes it meaningless." This was stated in by the MP from "There Is Such a People" party Prof. Andrey Chorbanov.

COVID-19: The Dead in the Last 24 hours are 100% Unvaccinated

US Authorities Preparing for Possible Outbreaks of Coronavirus due to the "Omicron" Variant

The administration of US President Joe Biden is developing plans to detect possible outbreaks of the disease across the country in connection with the discovery of the coronavirus variant Omicron. This was reported by the American newspaper Politico, citing sources among the authorities.

Russia pledges support for normalization of Turkey-Armenia relations

Russia on Nov. 25 voiced support for normalization of relations between Turkey and Armenia, saying it would contribute to the regional stability.

Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said Armenia asked Russia to help in this process, adding that some steps in this regard had already been taken.

Trump Voices Concerns Over ‘Abandoned’ Kosovo-Serbia Agreements

Former US President Donald Trump said in Thursday that the agreements between Kosovo and Serbia he brokered during his last year in the White House should be implemented, while his former Balkan envoy, Richard Grenell, called on Joe Biden's administration to become "more aggressive" in his leadership towards the region.

Afghan Refugee Journalists Keep Free Press Alive From Albania

Seventeen Afghan journalists sheltering in Albania following the Taliban takeover are working away from home for two Afghan newspapers that they continue to produce online, Etilaat e Roz (Kabul Now) and Hasht e Subh (8am Daily).

For now, they are working from the rooms in the hotels where they are staying, while preparing a room which will serve as a joint office and newsroom.