Presidential system

Leadership for Europe

Europe is facing wars on its periphery and serious upheavals within. The risks may worsen after the US presidential election in November. 

That's why it needs robust personalities at its helm, people with a political constitution and leadership reflexes, not equal-distancers and mediocrities with bureaucratic hesitations.

Shift to digital processes faces some pushback from civil servants

Although Greece has made strides in digitizing governance and public administration in response to the coronavirus pandemic, which provided an urgent impetus for the reduction of face-to-face exchanges, the government's efforts have been partially thwarted by pushback from state functionaries and professionals, Kathimerini understands. 

Viorica Dancila determined to soldier on as PSD Chair

Outgoing Prime Minister Viorica Dancila said on Thursday evening that she will not step down as Chair of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) because she cannot leave her team during hard times. "I must stay at the helm of the party until after the presidential election. (...) I have no intention to resign. I never give up on my team when we are going through more difficult times.

Referendum secured Turkey's future stability: Presidential spokesperson

Turkey's new presidential system will end weak coalition governments and strengthen checks and balances, İbrahim Kalın, presidential spokesperson, has said. 

Kalın wrote an article for U.K. newspaper the Guardian which said Turkey's short-lived coalition governments of the past had crippled its economy, weakened national institutions and paved the way for coups. 

Discussing the system

Daily Hürriyet recently published the views of presidential adviser Mehmet Uçum in which he defended the new system.

Uçum is a lawyer who is very knowledgeable on issues of political systems.

Previously, the analysis of Hürriyet's Bülent Sarıoğlu was published. You cannot see this kind of objectivity in the pro-government media.