Presidents of Cyprus

Cyprus: The island the world forgot

At 6 a.m. on July 20, 1974, Turkish troops stormed into the Republic of Cyprus in accordance with Article III of the Treaty of Guarantee of the first constitution of 1960. This mandated each of the guaranteeing parties - Greece, Turkey and Great Britain - "to take action with the sole aim of re-establishing the state of affairs" if that were ever threatened.

Former PM to pay tribute to late Cypriot leader Glafkos Clerides

Former socialist prime minister Costas Simitis is expected to hail the "exceptional cooperation" he had with late Cypriot President Glafkos Clerides during his tenure, when the two politicians achieved a "wise distribution of roles" that yielded results - Cyprus' accession into the European Union - according to a statement released ahead of an event in Nicosia on Saturday to mark 100 years sinc

Crucial days in Cyprus

With the question "When will they collapse this time?" occupying minds, the Cyprus negotiations left behind yet another crisis and resumed on April 11. In Turkey, meanwhile, only five days were left before a crucial vote that may be of existential importance for the future of the country.

Dead end road?

The problem in Cyprus is not finding a resolution to the over 50-year-old power sharing quagmire between the two peoples of the island but to pretend as if a solution is wanted by a certain date. Is this an overstatement? Probably.