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Putin Tightens Grip on Power, Ruling Party wins Majority of Votes - General Election in Russia

Supporters of Russia's ruling party celebrated winning the majority of the vote late Sunday, amid a sweeping crackdown on its critics.

But partial results on Monday showed the United Russia Party still lost significant ground in the legislature.

Putin in Self-isolation after Covid Cases in His Inner Circle

Russian President Vladimir Putin will not participate in face-to-face events for some time, but his self-isolation move won't impact the intensity of his work online, Kremlin told reporters on Tuesday.

"The self-isolation is not going to influence the president's work directly, there just won't be any face-to-face events for some time. his spokeman said.

Who is Putin's man who was killed - a soldier, known for a 49-second media conference

As confirmed by that ministry, he died during the exercise, when he was saving the life of one person.
Zinichev, who is considered Putin's man, was born in 1966, in St. Petersburg.
He was a member of the army for many years, and he served in the Northern Fleet of the Russian Navy.

Bulgarian Politician Accused of Espionage Denies Viciously Accusations

"All the prosecution has are mere accusations, without a single fact. I have never in my life had access to classified information so that I could get it from somewhere and pass it on to someone. My positions have always been public. After I was released from the detention centre, I told all the media that I would continue to do what I do.