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Sean Penn visits Ukraine to make documentary on Russian invasion

U.S. actor and director Sean Penn is in Kyiv making a documentary about Russia's invasion, the Ukrainian president's office said on Feb. 24.

The double Oscar-winner was photographed attending a government press conference in Kyiv, and could be seen meeting with Volodymyr Zelensky in a video posted to the Ukrainian president's official Instagram account.

Good morning, the war broke out; Sirens, air defense, running to shelters PHOTO/VIDEO

Russian President announced this morning that he ordered a "special operation" in Ukraine, after which there was literally additional chaos in that country, but also in the whole world. Russian tanks entered the territory of Ukraine, and according to world media, several Ukrainian cities were shelled, and according to reports from the field, bombs are also falling around Kiev.

Boris Johnson: Russia's Plan for the Biggest War in Europe since 1945 is already Under Way

 Evidence suggests that Russia is planning "Europe's biggest war since 1945" in scale, said British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. "The fact is that all indications are that the plan is already in place," he said in an interview with the BBC.

Images from Russia: The night the war threatened; Ukraine is not on NATO agenda PHOTO

Such warnings were issued by Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky. However, the situation remains critical.
The night behind us was spent in the appeals of world officials for a policy of peace to prevail, and for the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, to give up attacks on Ukrainian territory.

Biden gives Ukraine ’strong’ support in phone call to Zelensky

President Joe Biden gave "strong" backing on Dec. 9 to Ukraine in its struggle with Russia and urged a diplomatic solution to the conflict in eastern Europe, while promising U.S. help if Moscow attacks.

Ukraine's President Volodymyr Zelensky issued a statement thanking Biden for his "strong support" in a phone call lasting about an hour and a half.