Arrivals to UK from US and EU Exempt from Quarantine, PCR Tests

UK introduced new rules related to arrivals from different countries. As of 1 August all vaccinated arrivals from US and EU excluding France may enter UK without quarantine which was mandatory until now, BBC elaborated. The UK government confirmed that the change will help to reunite family and friends whose loved ones live abroad.

In Sydney, the "war" is going on: The army goes door to door VIDEO

About 300 soldiers arrived in Sydney at the request of the state police of New South Wales.
They will deliver food packages and check door to door that quarantine is being respected. The closure measures are in force in Sydney for five weeks and should last until the end of August.

Anger slowly grows

According to the BBC, all this caused great anger among the population.
The state of South Australia, where 1.7 million people live, joined the states of Victoria and New South Wales on Tuesday regarding the introduction of restrictive measures.
Residents of South Australia will have to stay in their homes for seven days, after five people became infected.

Bulgaria Bans Travelers from Cyprus, Great Britain, Northern Ireland, Spain, Fiji and Kuwait

As of today, citizens from Cyprus, Great Britain, Northern Ireland, Spain, Fiji and Kuwait will not be allowed on the territory of Bulgaria. The reason is that these countries are in the "red zone", which means that they are highly infected with Covid-19.

Covid-19: New Strains Brings Travel Tensions between France and UK

It looks like a quarantine war has broken out between Great Britain and France:
London on Friday evening cracked down on the rules for those returning from beyond the Channel and yesterday Paris immediately responded by imposing a tampon in the previous 24 hours, instead of 48, for those who show up there from the UK.

No Quarantine for People Arriving from Bulgaria in England and Scotland

The quarantine requirement for those arriving from Bulgaria in England and Scotland has been dropped as of 4 a.m. on July 19, the Foreign Ministry announced.

According to our embassy in London, this became possible after changes were announced today, which include Bulgaria in the UK "green" list.