From farm to plate: How prices triple

Greek consumers often pay nearly three times the price for fruits or vegetables that producers receive when the produce is harvested from the fields. However, the bulk of this price difference doesn't make its way into the pockets of the producers. In reality, producers only retain a profit equivalent to roughly 8 to 9 percent of the final consumer price.

New price display regulation for eateries in full effect

A pivotal regulation, effective since Jan. 1, 2024, now mandates the visible display of price lists at the entrances and tables of restaurants, cafes, and bakeries. The Trade Ministry's regulation, prompted by a surge in complaints about undisclosed charges on bills, aims to ensure consumer protection and foster transparent pricing.

Rents well below asking rates

The house price rally has inflated the expectations of rental property owners who are trying to maximize their monthly income. Comparing the prices asked in classified ads with those included in lease agreements, it turns out that the discrepancies are large.

For Budapest, Prague and Sofia, Brownfield Sites Are No Cure for Housing Blues

Huge projects are due to deliver new neighbourhoods in Prague. Photo: Central Group Priced out

In the Hungarian capital, buyers need more than 16 average annual salaries to buy a 75 square metre (m2) apartment. This means that if you start working at 23 and miraculously don't spend on anything else, at 40 you can own a home. This trend accelerated especially from 2015 on.

The Croatian Government will Introduce a Fixed Price for Basic Food Products

At its meeting on Thursday, the Croatian government will take a decision to set a fixed price for eight basic products, said Prime Minister Andrej Plenković.

The price of sunflower oil will be lower - 1.72 euros per liter (now it is 1.86 euros), there will be a price limit for milk, flour, sugar, whole chicken and minced pork.