Some space for more support?

Around February 20 the government will launch the Market Pass platform for the food purchase allowance, while the low international rates of natural gas may give the government some fiscal room for another pre-election handout, as the electricity rate subsidy will be reduced.

Price of natural gas used in electricity production reduced

Prices of natural gas used in electricity production have been reduced, while gas prices for households have been kept unchanged for January.

The Petroleum Pipeline Corporation (Botaş) announced that the price of gas used was cut by 12.75 percent to 18,000 Turkish Liras/1,000 cubic meters.

The price of natural gas households consume was kept at 4,080 liras/1,000 cubic meters.

Electricity prices for SMEs capped

After capping electricity and gas prices for the benefit of households, protected consumers and public institutions, the government has now imposed a price cap on electricity supplied to micro, small and medium-sized companies.

Under a regulation adopted by the government on 30 December, the cap will be in force for six months starting from 1 January.

Fuel prices jump in Kenya after subsidies cut

Fuel prices in Kenya surged to record highs yesterday after the new government slashed subsidies, piling on misery for a population already facing deep economic hardship.

The price of petrol increased by 20 shillings to 179.30 (about $1.50) per liter while diesel and kerosene prices are up by 20 and 25 shillings respectively, the Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority (EPRA) said.