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Bulgaria: Mariya Gabriel and GERB will try and Fulfil the First Mandate by offering an Expert Cabinet

Prime Minister nominee Mariya Gabriel stated in the National Assembly that she will fulfill the first exploratory mandate and return the folder with the structure and composition of the government to the head of state on Monday.

Recovering lost ground, keeping the party united

Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis continues his efforts to lure back the part of the electorate that voted for New Democracy in 2019 but had become alienated as a result of issues that range from the high cost of living and a perceived inability to listen to the average person, to the wiretapping cases and, lately, the rail tragedy at Tempe.

Death of a Premier: How Serbia’s Rotten System Enabled Zoran Djindjic’s Killers

The second was Zoran Vukojevic, a former policeman who was working as a security guard at gang leader Spasojevic's house.

The third was Branislav Bezarevic, who worked for the Security Information Agency, BIA, Serbia's national intelligence agency, and was Vukojevic's friend from police school.

Rail experts’ visit helped identify areas where Greek government is seeking support, EU Commission says

The meetings of the European Commission's delegation of experts in Athens regarding the deadly rail crash at Tempi have now been concluded, Commission spokesperson Adalbert Jahnz said on Thursday in response to questions.