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Slovakia’s Remade Government: Old Wine in a New Bottle

Still, describing Heger's cabinet as "new" is arguably a step too far. Heger from the OLaNO (Ordinary People and Independent Personalities) movement merely swapped seats with party leader Matovic, and five of the six ministers who resigned during the crisis have since returned to their posts, with the only new face at the health department.

Maya Manolova: Borissov Wants to Stay in Power for Life

Boyko Borissov insists on convening the Grand National Assembly to remain prime minister for life, wrote leader of "Stand" Maya Manolova on Facebook commenting on the today's proposal of the Prime Minister to convene the Grand National Assembly.

In her words, it's the second time that Borissov uses the Constitution as a means for him to stay in power.

Bulgaria: Prime Minister and Cabinet Resign Week after Election Results Announced Officially

Prime Minister Boyko Borissov and the Council of Ministers are obliged to table resignations at the first session of the new National Assembly. It will most likely be convened by the president a week after the results submitted by the Central Election Commission (CEC)are published in the State Gazette, said expert in constitutional law Prof. Plamen Kirov.

Recovery and Resilience Plan, second test of this ruling coalition, enters public debate

The Government discussed during Friday's sitting the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR), which will be subjected to public debate, declared Prime Minister Florin Citu. According to the Prime Minister, after the state budget, PNRR was "the second test" of the government coalition, which "clearly shows that it is "united, strong and determined to work for the following years".

Bulgaria’s Premier to Take Part in Vienna Working Meeting on Fair Vaccines Distribution

Bulgaria's Prime Minister Boyko Borissov will participate today in a working meeting with Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz and the Prime Ministers of the Czech Republic - Andrey Babiš, of Latvia - Arturs Krishyannis Karinsch, of Slovenia - Yanez Jansha and of Croatia - Andrey Plenkovic, the government press service announced.

Brnabic: I am still afraid

"I will remind you that "Saber" followed after the assassination of the prime minister. Now we have not allowed for the things to go that far," Prime Minister Brnabic explains.
According to her, the state was incomparably more efficient and ready.

Israel pivotal in Greece's defense plans

At the Prime Minister's Office and the Foreign and Defense ministries, top officials are engaged in a two-pronged sustained effort to expand Greece's alliances in the wider region and upgrade its defense capabilities.

In these efforts, and especially on defense, Israel is emerging as a pivotal ally, high-ranked sources in government tell Kathimerini.

The message

Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis has recognized that the constant media presence of some of his ministers is causing confusion.

The problem is not the impact of the inconsistencies on the government's image. Rather, it is that these contradictions undermine the credibility of the government's health policy.