Prime Ministers of Albania

Albanians Await Access to Communist-Era Police Files

The Authority for Information on Former Communist Police Secret Files, which was established at the beginning of January, has started to receive the first requests from Albanian institutions looking to verify the pasts of people seeking promotion to senior positions or receiving medals from the state.

Berisha sees 'third player' in unmaking of continental shelf pact between Albania, Greece

Former Albanian prime minister Sali Berisha has blamed the unmaking of a continental shelf pact between Albania and Greece five years ago on outside intervention.

"I am saying with full certainty that you did so in the interests of a third party," Berisha said in reference to current Prime Minister Edi Rama and his government.

Key Rama Critic Quits Albania's Ruling Party

Ben Blushi, one of the most outspoken MPs in Albania's ruling Socialist Party, on Friday said he was quitting the party.

Over the last three years he has become a persistent critic of party leader and Prime Minister Edi Rama, accusing him of undermining internal democracy and of making serious mistakes in government.

Albania Greens Brace For New Showdown Over Waste

Albanian environmentalists are threatening to call a referendum on a controversial draft law on waste imports that MPs adopted on Thursday. The draft now has to go to the President before passing into law.

It is not the first time that green activists in Albania have mustered supporters for a referendum on this hot issue.