Prime Ministers of Bulgaria

GERB’s Comments on ITN’s Decision: This is the First Government to Resign before Being Appointed

In a comment to BNT on July 15, GERB (the party of former PM Boyko Borissov) stated that the cabinet proposed by Slavi Trifonov's party was withdrawn with the same seriousness and responsibility as it was presented, According to them, this is the first government in history to resign before being appointed.

Borissov Faces Tougher Odds in Bulgaria’s Repeat Elections

The Movement for Rights Freedoms, focused on the ethnic Turkish community and embroiled in controversies over decades, also experienced a drop in trust by its voting base.

Meanwhile the pro-EU alliance Democratic Bulgaria and newly formed "Stand Up.BG! Mobsters Out!", which both gained momentum during the 2020 protests, surprised analysts with an even bigger take than expected.

Polling Survey Shows at least 6 Parties in Next Parliament

At least 6 political parties will enter the next Parliament. The margin between the GERB-UDF and anti-establishment "There is Such a People" party is small, a survey by Trend polling agency showed on June 22.

Former PM Boyko Borissov's party GERB is first with 21.7%, "There is Such a People" is second with 20.2%.

Ex-Deputy Head of DANS: Boyko Rashkov’s Security Clearance Revoked for Breach of Confidentiality

The security clearance of caretaker Minister of Interior Boyko Rashkov has been revoked because he had disclosed confidential information, said the suspended deputy head of the State Agency for National Security (DANS) Nedyalko Nedyalkov. Today, he went to the security agency to find out the reasons for his dismissal.

President Radev Signed Decrees to Replace Chief of National State Security Agency

The head of state Rumen Radev signed a decree on the proposal of the Council of Ministers for the dismissal of Dimitar Georgiev from the post of chairman of the State Agency for National Security (SANS), the press office of the head of state announced.

Bulgarian Stand on North Macedonia’s EU Accession Remains Unwavering – Caretaker Foreign Minister

Bulgaria has said it will not change its opposition to North Macedonia's accession to the EU following a meeting between Bulgaria's new caretaker Foreign Minister Svetlan Stoev and Deputy Prime Minister for Judicial Reform Ekaterina Zaharieva. 

Bulgaria is blocking Skopje due to historical and linguistic disputes. It is under growing pressure to change its stance.

Bulgaria: Boyko Borissov Passed Baton to Stefan Yanev, Journalists Not Allowed to Swearing-in Ceremony

The ministers of the third cabinet headed by Boyko Borisov handed over power to the caretaker government appointed by decree of President Rumen Radev. This happened at a ceremony in the Council of Ministers, at which journalists were not allowed.