Prime Ministers of Bulgaria

Bulgaria’s PM Boasts of Achievements in Final Months of 2014

Shortly after midnight, Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borisov congratulated his Facebook subscribers in a brief New Year's address.

"2014 was a year full of significant events for the country. They made us more compassionate, more open to dialoguе, and more strong-willed. We did a good job over the past few months," he declared.

Man Shot Dead Near Downtown Sofia on Christmas Eve

A man was shot with a gas pistol and then hit to death with a bottle in Sofia on Wednesday, police say.

The incident unfolded at the Dimitar Petkov market, not far from downtown Sofia, according to Darik Radio.

Police sources suspect the victim was well-known in the neighborhood as a drug addict and pickpocket.

Tsvetan Vasilev: I Expect of Court to Do Its Job on KTB with Precision

Tsvetan Vasilev ... courted and reviled, awarded and stigmatized, promoted and humiliated ... In 2014, he was undoubtedly the most mentioned person in the Bulgarian media, in private and in public interviews, in courtrooms and in banking circles. Without doubt 2014 was also his most important and most controversial year.

Bulgaria's Ruling Parties to Seek Consensus on Pension Reform

Center-right GERB and rightist Reformist Bloc, the two main partners in Bulgaria's ruling coalition, have agreed to hold additional consultations over the country's pension system.

Reformist Bloc (RB) co-head Radan Kanev wrote on Facebook Sunday that a two-hour-long meeting between him and Prime Minister Boyko Borisov had taken place.

PM Boyko Borisov: New Gov't 'Restored Bulgaria's European Dignity'

The new Bulgarian government has succeeded in reinstating the country has a predictable partner, Prime Minister Boyko Borisov has said.

In a Saturday interview with Darik Radio he reminded of what he describes as "failures" of the previous elected cabinet, with "zero" achievements in terms of European funding and "any other aspect."