Prime Ministers of Poland

‘Polexit’ Sign Appears at End of Long Corridor

A few weeks later, after a successful European Council summit, which agreed a compromise solution over the rule-of-law conditionality that EU institutions want to impose on EU funds, Morawiecki was hailing it as a victory for Poland: "Thank you [Hungarian Prime Minister] Viktor Orban for our cooperation for the best budget for Poland and the fight to keep the agreed conditions."

Poland’s Coronavirus Fight Exposes Healthcare Weaknesses

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But as Poland confirmed 150 cases of the virus on Monday morning, Health Minister Lukasz Szumowski said, "We must expect a four-digit number of people infected with coronavirus this week." 

Can Donald Tusk Go Home Again?

Donald Tusk's term as president of the European Council will end on 30 November, which is perfect timing for the Polish opposition.

After the parliamentary election in late October, Poland will hold its presidential election in April 2020, and opposition voters already see Tusk as the only viable candidate.