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Iohannis says not commenting on court ruling, calls PSD action unprecedented defiance

President Klaus Iohannis said on Monday that the Social Democratic Party (PSD) caused a new crisis by notifying the Constitutional Court (CCR) in the case of the appointment of Ludovic Orban as prime minister. "PSD continues to prove that it is an irresponsible party, playing with the destiny of Romania.

Romanian Court Rejects President’s Second Nomination of Orban

Romania's Constitutional Court on Monday ruled against the President Klaus Iohannis' second nomination of acting prime minister Ludovic Orban as PM-designate.

The ruling came as parliament prepared for a vote, which has now been suspended, in which legislators should have decided whether the centre-right politician would take office.

President Iohannis: Chief prosecutors, very good, CSM opinion, "partly rather superficial"

While attending the Special meeting of the European Council in Brussels, where discussions will focus on the Multiannual Financial Framework of the European Union for 2021-2027, President Klaus Iohannis considers that the prosecutors he appointed on Thursday in leadership positions are "very good", the competition was "very well organized, very transparent, very fair", and the opinion of the Su

PM Orban to meet parliamentary party leaders to discuss early elections

Prime Minister Ludovic Orban meets on Tuesday at the Government House leaders of the parliamentary parties to discuss calling early elections. According to the Government's Press Office, Orban said Monday that the Liberals will take all necessary steps to reach early elections.

PNL lodges with Parliament list of new Orban Cabinet, updated gov't programme

A list of the new Orban government and an updated version of the government programme were submitted to Parliament on Monday. Doing the lodging was Ionel Danca of the National Liberal Party (PNL) who submitted the documents to the chairs of the two chambers of Parliament.

Consultations for new PM designation at Cotroceni presidential Palace (round-up)

After consultations on Thursday with President Iohannis at the Cotroceni Presidential Palace, national leader of the National Liberal Party (PNL), freshly dismissed PM Ludovic Orban announced having presented to Iohannis the PNL decision to support the requirements for early elections being met.

BNR's Isarescu: Romania still imports too many agricultural products

Romania still imports too many agricultural products relative to what can be produced naturally in the country, which shows that the potential is not yet fully capitalized on, said Mugur Isarescu, the governor of the National Bank of Romania (BNR), in a message transmitted as governor but also a vine grower, at the Annual Conference of the Romanian Farmers Club, an event held on Thursday at the

Week in Review: Political Games and Economic Tricks

Reaching for the Solution

Ten months ahead of regularly timed Parliamentary elections, is Romania actually sliding towards an early election as quickly as June? The previous Social Democratic, PSD, government was toppled in October 2019. The new government of Ludovic Orban has just suffered a vote of no confidence of its own.