Murdered Kosovo Albanian Could Have Been Serb Collaborator: Witness

Witness Shefki Bujari, who was the head of the village Duhel/Dulje for many years, told Remzi Shala's retrial at Prizren Basic Court on Wednesday that several murders during the Kosovo war, particularly in his village, could have happened because of personal resentments or suspicions that the victims were collaborating with Serbian forces.

Palmer visited Visoki Decani Monastery PHOTO

Bishop of Raka-Prizren Teodosije informed Mr. Matthew Palmer about the problems Serbian Orthodox Church in Kosovo is facing.
The Bishop especially spoke about the problems of our faithful people and saints in the light of the latest incidents and the refusal of Kosovo institutions to execute the decision of the Constitutional Court on the land of the monastery of Visoki Decani.

Serbia possesses footage, they stand over the bodies of dead soldiers, digging graves

According to him, the video showed members of the so-called KLA who stand on the bodies of dead soldiers in Koare and dig the tombs in which they are buried. Odalovi told RTS that Koare may be one of the first locations in the area of Kosovo and Metohija for which it is suspected that the graves of the missing are located, and which will be searched.

Kosovo Prosecution Promises Rapid Verdict After BIRN Investigation

Kosovo's state prosecution on Thursday pledged that a ruling on a criminal investigation into three people will be taken soon - hours after BIRN aired a TV investigation showing the payment of an alleged bribe of 5,000 euros to a prosecutor in Prizren to close a criminal investigation.

Last Despatches: News Team Killed the Day After Kosovo War Ended

It was June 13, 1999, and Uli Reinhardt, a photojournalist from the German news magazine Stern was due to meet his colleague Gabriel Gruener at 6pm in the southern Kosovo city of Prizren.

But Gruener would never arrive for the meeting, and could not be contacted by mobile phone because Kosovo's telecommunications system had been damaged in the war.