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Montenegrin Education Minister Accused of Insulting Minorities

Montenegrin Minister of Education Vesna Bratic at a pro-government support protests in Podgorica. Photo: Facebook/Milos Vujovic

At the protests, Bratic said that only the current government can sign a fundamental agreement with the Serbian Orthodox Church, and it couldn't be done either by minority parties or the opposition Social Democratic Party and Social Democrats.

Metron Analysis poll: SYRIZA trails New Democracy, KINAL-PASOK skyrockets

A new Metron Analysis poll shows ND retains a, over 10 percentage point lead over SYRIZA, even as the Movement for Change (KINAL)-PASOK skyrocketed to 18.5 percent from 8.1 percent.

The results clearly show the emergence of a third political pole, KINAL-PASOK, according to the survey presented by MEGA television.

‘Red Line’ Warnings in Romania after Nationalists Downplay Holocaust

"Anti-Semitic discourses have not disappeared from Romanian political life in the last 30 years," said Oliver Jens Schmitt, professor of Southeast European history at the University of Vienna.

"AUR is trying to address as large a group of protesting voters as possible," he said, and politics is getting in the way of any substantive response.

Montenegro Opposition Abandons No-Confidence Vote, Demands Early Elections

Montenegrin opposition MPs at a parliamentary session. Photo: Parliament of Montenegro

The no-confidence motion was proposed to parliament on November 30 by all 40 opposition MPs, but the opposition withdrew it before the vote, due in parliament on Monday.

Parties with mixed reactions to election date announcement

Ljubljana – After President Borut Pahor announced he would call a general election for 24 April, this triggered varied reactions from political parties all across the political spectrum. Coalition partners largely welcomed this decision, while opposition parties mostly still favour the increasingly unlikely option of a snap election.

The die is cast: Papandreou to run for centre-left KINAL leadership

By Dimitris Chondros

Former prime minister George Papandreou is poised to announce his candidacy for the leadership of the centre left Movement for Change party (KINAL).

Papandreou held talks with all the other candidates over the weekend and today, when he met with MEP Nikos Androulakis and Vasilis Kegeroglou, the secretary of KINAL's parliamentary group.