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Opposition slams gov’t

SYRIZA's Parliamentary Group Chairman Sokratis Famellos denounced the government during Thursday's Parliament debate on the wildfires, saying that despite the announcements, the country appeared unprepared for the danger.

PASOK: PM announced measures ‘already foreseen’ after Kampanos murder

Socialist opposition party PASOK said many of the measures announced by the prime minister on Wednesday to curb hooligan-related violence in Greece are "already foreseen" in the reform package agreed on after the killing of a soccer fan by hooligans in February 2022.

PASOK calls for minister’s resignation in wake of leaked police report and soccer fan death

The opposition PASOK party has called for the resignation of Citizen Protection Minister Giannis Oikonomou after leaked police documents showed that authorities possessed prior knowledge of Croatian hooligans' intentions to travel to Athens, potentially with the malevolent aim of inciting violence.

Androulakis to gov’t: You are bogus modernizers

"We will not give a vote of confidence to the government…we will be the reliable opposition the people need," socialist leader Nikos Androulakis said Saturday during the debate on the government's policy statement.

Androulakis' PASOK party came third in the June 25 election, with 11.84% of the vote, electing 32 MPs in the 300-member Greek Parliament.