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Prosecutor summons four business people to testify in wiretapping scandal

Four business people testified Wednesday before a Supreme Court prosecutor as suspects in the wiretapping scandal that targeted politicians, businessmen and media figures.

The 2021 espionage scandal-dubbed "Predatorgate"- involves wiretaps that targeted the electronic devices of politicians, businessmen and media figures.

PASOK MEP Nikos Papandreou endorses Pavlos Geroulanos in leadership contest

PASOK MEP Nikos Papandreou announced on Wednesday his support for Pavlos Geroulanos, a former culture minister, in the upcoming leadership contest.

"If the members and friends of the party decide to give him this historic opportunity, I believe he can use it to benefit the party and society," said Papandreou.

Culture Ministry employees involved in business extortion ring

Authorities revealed on Tuesday that employees of Greece's Culture Ministry are suspected of involvement in an extortion ring that blackmailed Athens business owners.

State broadcaster ERT reported that public officials and employees in the Culture Ministry's Modern Monuments Department were allegedly participating in the ring.

Doukas: Androulakis should let us know if I, as the Mayor of Athens, can run for PASOK’s Presidency

The discussion was initiated by party officials citing Article 38 of the party’s constitution, which outlines incompatibilities for single-person positions such as president and secretary for those holding salaried roles in the state or local government.

Doukas insists he will remain Athens mayor if elected leader of PASOK

Haris Doukas reiterated on Thursday that he intends to remain Mayor of Athens if he is elected leader of socialist PASOK in an October contest.

"I have explained the dual role. It is a complementary role, these are communicating vessels even though it has never been implemented in Greece," Doukas told Skai television.

PASOK Leadership Race: Three Contenders Emerge as Central Committee Convenes

PASOK Leadership Race: Candidates and Campaign Dynamics

The three candidates for the leadership of PASOK so far will meet in September. During the intervening days, Haris Doukas, Pavlos Geroulanos, and the current president, Nikos Androulakis, plan to seize every opportunity to promote their candidacies.