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Romascanu (PSD): Censure motion in preparation; we will have to negotiate with other political forces in Parliament

Bucharest, May 17 /Agerpres/ - The spokesperson of the Social Democrat Party (PSD), Lucian Romascanu, announced that the Social Democrats are preparing a censure motion against the government, which will be submitted "if things go worse and worse". "We had a month, a month and a half in which we assumed this: we will leave them be and come up with ideas.

More than a third of DS Main Board members dissatisfied: Lutovac remains at DS healm?

"If that report is not adopted, it automatically means that Lutovac has lost confidence and will no longer remain at the helm of the party," a source from the Democratic Party and a signatory of the initiative to convene a session of the Main Board told Tanjug.

Pro Romania's Ponta shuts out cooperation with PSD: Trouble with them is coterie of marauders

Pro Romania Chairman Victor Ponta told a press conference in Buzau on Wednesday that "the trouble with the Social Democratic Party (PSD) isn't its Chairman, but the coterie of marauders in Dragnea, Dancila, or now Ciolacu's tow and the fact that they no longer see the people because of the plunderers who leech off." "We, the Pro Romania party, don't enter agreements with those who have sold off

PM-designate Orban, about hearings of proposed ministers: So much aggressiveness I've rarely seen

Prime Minister designate, Ludovic Orban, congratulated on Thursday, at the start of the Government sitting, all the Cabinet members for the way they faced the debates in the specialty committees and mentioned that a lot of Social Democrat (PSD) MPs "lowered the level of the hearings", and stated his belief that anyone who votes like the PSD "has a backdoor arrangement with the PSD".

USR: Two-round mayoral elections forsaken for triggering early elections

After today's success of the censure motion, the Save Romania Union (USR) said that the two-round mayoral elections have been forsaken in order to trigger early elections. "Today's vote on the censure motion shows that our fears that the two-round election of mayors is being forsaken in order to trigger early elections were grounded.