Prohibition of drugs

Brazilian women caught in drug bust

Two Brazilian women, aged 23 and 24, were arrested at Athens International Airport on Sunday evening for trying to smuggle more that than 1.8 kilos of cocaine into the country, authorities said on Wednesday.

According to police, the women had swallowed 185 small packages containing a total of 1,845 grams.  They had arrived in Athens from Sao Paolo in Brazil via Lisbon.

Norway Decriminalized Drugs

Norway becomes the first Scandinavian state to decriminalize drugs, writes Independent.

The majority of MPs in the Norwegian Parliament support the historic change, including conservatives, liberals and two left-wing parties.

They entrust the government with the task of changing politics towards drugs.

Serbia: 1.1 tons of narcotics destroyed in power plant

1,160 kilograms of narcotics and other psychoactive substances have been burned in the Nikola Tesla power plant in Belgrade's municipality of Obrenovac.

The drugs had been confiscated by the police over the past period.

Police Director Vladimir Rebic, who was present at the power plant, specified that the narcotics destroyed today consisted mostly of marijuana and heroin.