Prohibition of drugs

Balkan Gangsters ‘Profiting From Pandemic’, Report

In Serbia, it noted, agencies set up to fight cybercrime switched to focusing on people accused of causing panic and spreading disinformation on social networks and in Viber groups.

Some crime activities have decreased as a result of the pandemic, the report points out. Migration, for example, dropped significantly towards the end of March, it says.

Over 7 kg of meth seized in anti-drug operation

Turkish police on March 20 seized nearly 8 kilograms (about 17 pounds) of methamphetamine from a truck in eastern Van province, the provincial police headquarters said in a statement.

The drugs were seized in Van's Edremit district after anti-drug teams stopped the vehicle and detained the driver in a sniffer dog-aided operation, the statement said.

Six Foreign Nationals Arrested for Drug Trafficking in Bali

Indonesian authorities say they have arrested six foreigners accused of trying to smuggle drugs into the tourist island of Bali, the Associated Press reported.

A Swiss, Thai, Singaporean, Chilean, and two Hong Kong men dressed in orange prison clothing were brought with their hands and feet at a press conference in the provincial capital of Bali Denpasar.

Police seizes large drug haul in Athens bust

Anti-narcotics officers found more than 3,000 packages containing heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine and hashish during a raid on an apartment used by members of a drug dealing gang operating in the neighborhoods around central Victoria Square and the Athens University of Economics and Business, police in the capital said Tuesday.