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UK Will Allocate over $ 22 Million to Combat Disinformation in Eastern Europe

Over the next three years, the British government will allocate £ 18m ($ 22.5m) to combat disinformation and the "fake news" phenomenon in Eastern European countries, as well as strengthening of independent media in Western Balkans, DW reported.

In the words of British Foreign Minister Jeremy Hunt, it is a priority to create conditions for the smooth work of the journalists. 

Maria Gabriel: There is a Tendency For More Disinformation at the Local Level

,,Thanks to the coordinated approach that we have built up at EU level, we have not witnessed a large-scale disinformation attack during the European elections.''This was stated in the studio of the BNT morning block, Commissioner for Digital Economy and Society Maria Gabriel.

Pan-European dialogue made simple thanks to new app

Fake news, anonymous trolls, algorithms that foster echo chambers and promote hate speech: The digital challenges to contemporary public discourse are vast and well-documented. Such is the furor around them that a few analysts have gone as far as to claim that "the internet is drowning today's democracies."