Shopping centers reopen after more than two months

Shopping centers, department stores and retail parks opened on Monday for the first time since March 14, when they had been ordered to close by the government.
Their reopening came two weeks earlier than originally planned, but with strict rules such as the compulsory use of face masks not only by staff but also shoppers.

More market distortions

The government must do everything in its power to help prop up businesses that have been harmed by the coronavirus lockdown measures. However, it cannot continue to intervene to such an extent forever, altering the terms of contracts and agreements, as it did over the issue of rents.

Woman charged over leasing fraud in Thessaloniki

A 35-year-old woman in Thessaloniki has been accused of defrauding prospective tenants by renting them an apartment in the city center that she did not own.
More specifically, the suspect put the apartment up for rent on residential rental websites. According to reports, she conned a total of four people, who gave her down payments for the apartment between September 23 and 29.