Property tax

Reduced ENFIA for one in five

One in five property owners will pay a reduced Single Property Tax (ENFIA) this year, while some of them will pay nothing. According to the statistics of Independent Authority for Public Revenue (AADE), 7,159,164 taxpayers have at least one property, with their total value exceeding 770 million euros.

Platform opens for ENFIA tax payment

The Single Property Tax (ENFIA) pay slips for approximately 7.3 million property and business owners have been posted on the myAADE digital portal for the financial year 2024.

This year's ENFIA dues are to be paid in up to 11 installments, with the first installment due on April 30 and the final installment set to be paid by February 28, 2025.

Time for tax declarations and ENFIA dues

The time is fast approaching when the online platforms for tax declarations and the payment of the ENFIA property tax will be activated, with ministry sources placing the first in the last week of March and the second in early April.

This will mean the platform for tax declarations will open earlier than any other year, as this did not happen until March 31 in 2023.

Eleven codes pre-filled in tax returns

Eleven codes of the basic tax declaration form E1 will be pre-filled this year for 1 million salary workers and pensioners without income from other sources of real estate or securities, so that the declaration is ready for submission. In essence, the above will not need to fill in anything themselves unless there is a change that the tax office is not aware of.

Tax refunds go unclaimed

Tens of millions of euros related to value-added tax refunds remain unclaimed from the tax authorities. According to information, the traces of the beneficiaries have been lost by the tax office and none of them has come forward to inquire about them.

ENFIA payable in 11 tranches this year

The installments for the payment of the Single Property Tax (ENFIA) are increasing with an amendment submitted by the Ministry of National Economy and Finance to Parliament. At the same time, the deadlines for submitting the E9 form of realty declarations for those who want to make corrections are changing, while properties affected by natural disasters are exempted from ENFIA.

Platform opens for 10% ENFIA discount on insured homes

The platform has opened for the submission of applications by property owners who have insured their properties, for the tax office to calculate the 10% discount on the Single Property Tax (ENFIA).

Owners can apply until February 22 on the myProperty platform, with the necessary checks following for the eligibility of applicants.