Tensions run high as protesters fill Ljubljana streets

Ljubljana – Tensions were running high in Ljubljana as opponents of Covid-19 restrictions took to the stress for the fifth consecutive week, disrupting traffic. A police water cannon was at the ready as the police were trying to disperse the crowd blocking a major crossroads in the centre of Ljubljana.

Protesters flock to Republic Square, then disperse around Ljubljana

Ljubljana – Opponents of the government anti-coronavirus measures gathered on Tuesday in Republic Square in front of the parliament building, which the police protected and cordoned off after a similar protest turned violent last week. The police used a water cannon and tear gas and the crowd dispersed around the centre of Ljubljana, continuing to protest.

Police use water canon at protest against Covid pass mandate

Ljubljana – A group of several thousand protesters again gathered in Ljubljana on Wednesday to protest against the Covid pass mandate in what was the third such protest. Starting in Republic Square, the rally moved to the ring road, which was closed for a while, as the police tried to break up the crowd, including by using a water canon.

With Full Majority Parliament Called on Chief Prosecutor Geshev to Answer for Police Violence

Members of Parliament adopted a decision by an absolute majority, according to which the Chief Prosecutor Ivan Geshev must submit a report on the investigation of the police violence. The report must be submitted to parliament by Friday, August 20th.