Greece campus police plan met with protests

Police have used tear gas to disperse crowds at a rally in Athens organized to protest plans to set up a state security division at university campuses.

Mass gatherings are banned under current lockdown rules imposed because of the pandemic, but members and supporters of student and left-wing groups joined a rally Thursday near parliament in central Athens.

5 detained during protest outside Maximos Mansion

Police have detained five people during a small protest outside Maximos Mansion on Wednesday over the closure of the food service sector due to Covid-19 restrictions.

Some protesters held a banner reading "We are hungry."

The five were led to Syntagma police station.

No more information was immediately available.

Polish Students Strike against Education Minister

"Going out onto the streets and protesting in a traditional manner is associated with risk, so for the moment we are focused on organising our actions online, in a safe manner," said Kozak. "For now, this is a warning strike, but we might escalate it if our request to dismiss the education minister is not heard."