Provinces of Bulgaria

State of Emergency Declared in Many Regions of Bulgaria, Heavy Rains Caused Massive Power Outage

More than 100 residential areas in the northwestern regions of Bulgaria were left without power last night owing to the damage caused by the heavy rains. Energy company crews are making repairs and work will continue until power supply is restored.

The situation is most severe in western Bulgaria.

Weather Today

Today the clouds will be significant and there will be rain showers, more in the most southern regions.

Fog will form in the lowlands. Temperatures on Sunday morning will be mostly between 1 ° and 6 °. The wind will be light, in Eastern Bulgaria - moderate wind from south-southeast.

Maximum temperatures will be between 8 ° and 13 ° C, lower in the northwestern regions.

A Tour of Sofia by Travel Diary - Greek traveling TV show

A Tour of Sofia by Travel Diary - Greek traveling TV show

Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria and one of the oldest and most historic cities in the Balkans. From the city's cathedral and St. George's Church to the Soviet Army monument and Boyana village on Mount Vitosha, Sofia has an equally rich and significant history as a wonderful and special natural landscape. 

Jeeps Will No Longer Be Available For Tourists and Off-Road Adventurers in The Area of the Seven Rila Lakes

This was announced by the Minister of Ecology Emil Dimitrov, who was present at the first dig of a building for half a million BGN on the territory of Rila National Park, which will be a base of rescuers and an information center. Control over whether jeeps continue to drive in the mountains will be carried out by the employees of Rila Park, as well as from RIEW-Sofia.