Provinces of Bulgaria

Weather in Bulgaria: Expect Rain in the Evening, Max Temp Between 14°-19°C

Today the clouds will be torn, and in the places with permanent fog the visibility will improve for a short time. This was announced for FOCUS News Agency by the weather forecaster on duty at the National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology (NIMH) Victoria Kleshtanova.

COVID-19: Changes in Classes of Students in Bulgaria

The growth of coronavirus patients has imposed new restrictions on teachers and students in the country.

As of today, the attendance classes for all students from 1st to 12th grade in Plovdiv are suspended. Students in the municipalities of Sopot, Asenovgrad and Maritsa are also moving entirely to online education.

Bulgarian Police Broke Up a Network for Issuing Fake Vaccination Certificates

Police smashed a network for issuing fake Covid-19 vaccination certificates.

The investigation started on October 13, when it was established that in the town of Veliko Tarnovo a person was offering fake Covid certificates at a price of BGN 500. An intermediary has also been identified, as well as several people who have benefited from the "service".

Weather in Bulgaria: Yellow Code for Heavy Rainfall in 6 Districts in the Country

Yellow code for heavy rainfall is in force for 6 districts in the country on October 11. This is indicated by a reference on the NIMH website. The warning is valid for the districts of Pazardzhik, Plovdiv, Stara Zagora, Haskovo, Kardzhali and Smolyan.

Bulgaria: All Traffic through 'Prohodа na Republiкata' Mountain Pass Stopped

From today until the end of the month, the travel of all motor vehicles through the Pass of the Republic will be stopped.

This was reported by the Bulgarian Road Agency. The traffic will be diverted through the Shipka, Rishki and Kotlenski passes.

The cars will pass through the Shipka pass, and the trucks will be redirected on the road Shumen-Karnobat and Omurtag-Kotel.