Provinces of Bulgaria

The Independent: Attempt to Turn Bulgarian National Park into Ski Resort Defeated in Court

Environmentalists have achieved a major victory after a court battle to stop a Bulgarian national park being turned into a ski resort, reported the Independent. 

Bulgaria's top court ruled that Pirin National Park, a world heritage site and home to bears and wolves, must be protected from development.

Bulgaria's Oldest City Honored as European Capital of Culture for 2019

Plovdiv, the oldest city in Bulgaria, has been officially inaugurated as the European Capital of Culture for 2019, reported USA TODAY. 

Some 50,000 people gathered on a central square Saturday to watch the opening show dubbed "We are all colors" with 1,500 local and foreign artists on several stages.

Road Traffic in West and South Bulgaria Complicated Due to the Snowfall

Code orange weather alert is in effect for 5 districts of Bulgaria for 10th of January, reported the Bulgarian National Television. Road traffic situation is complicated due to heavy snowfall in West and South Bulgaria.

Roads are being cleared and sanded. Traffic is temporarily restricted at the time of snow ploughing.