Provinces of Bulgaria

Until June 13, Bulgarians Can Apply For Replacement of Old Stoves with New Heating Systems

By Thursday (June 13th) all Bulgarians using solid fuel for heating can apply for replacement of old stoves with environmentally friendly heating systems. The next Thursday is the deadline for application under the Green Sofia program, which aims to improve green areas in inter-block spaces and local gardens.

Train Hit the Rocks Near Plovdiv - the Second-Largest city in Bulgaria

Late last night, the train from Varna to Sofia hit in fallen rocks and dragged trees in the area before the village of Stryama. The locomotive was damaged in the accident, but luckily there are no injuries, writes NOVA.

The accident occurred around  4:30 this morning.

120 children, located in the Boris Hristov Culture House were provided with help.

Sofia Municipal Council Will Support 4 Temples in Sofia

At the meeting of the Sofia Municipal Council a report will be adopted on the Operational Work Program of the Council for the year 2018, as well as the new program for the work of the municipal councilors in 2019.

On the agenda of the municipal councilors is also a proposal by the mayor Yordanka Fandakova for funding to complete the construction or maintenance of churches.

Bear Cub Visited a Private Yard of a House in Kladnitsa, Western Bulgaria (Video)

A four-month-old bear cub, probably separated from its mother, was found around 20.00 last night in a private yard of a house in the village of Kladnitsa, in the region of the "Vitosha-Studena" State Hunting Enterprise.

The bear cub who found shelter in the courtyard of the house climbs on the fence, then ends up on the nearby pine at an altitude of about 15 meters.

Vandalism in the Bulgarian Cave Magura Next to Prehistoric Drawings

Vandals have written on the walls of the Magura cave in Northwestern Bulgaria, where there are prehistoric drawings of 7000 years. The news was published on Facebook by Andrey Shurelov. His picture shows that the prehistoric drawings have the inscription "Radi, Pavcho, Antov 2019".

Municipal Authorities Issued Building Permits For Construction of 1 247 Residential Buildings For the First Quarter of 2019

In the first quarter of 2019, the municipal authorities issued building permits for construction of 1 247 residential buildings with 7 832 dwellings and 1 032 933 sq. m gross building area, of 28 administrative buildings/offices with 67 404 sq. m gross building area and 1 149 other buildings with 560 208 sq. m gross building area, reported the National Statistical Institute (NSI). 

6-km Traffic Jam on Hemus Highway before Vitinya Tunnel in Direction of Varna

A queue of automobiles of about 6 km has formed on the Hemus motorway before the Vitinya tunnel in the direction of Varna, the Ministry of Interior's Sofia Regional Directorate said. Police teams are on-site to assist and regulate traffic. Drivers are advised to use alternative routes if possible.

Testing Begins for Trains in the Third Line of Sofia Underground

As of 24th of April, testing begins for the new underground trains Inspiro made by Siemens. The testing will take place in the newly built third line, Sofia municipality said on 22nd of April. The trains will run in the section between "Depot Zamlyane" and "Krasno Selo" staion, reports BNT.