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Athens letter to UN: Ankara undermines peace and stability

The new Turkish claims of "conditional sovereignty" - where the condition for their concession was, always in Ankara, their demilitarization - exercised by Greece in the Aegean islands as well as in the Dodecanese, are "a new development" and "they are seriously undermining regional peace and stability," Athens said in a letter to the United Nations on May 25, responding to a letter from Turkis

Cambodia Deported Seven Foreigners Because of "Pornographic Dances"

Seven people in a group of ten foreigners accused of "pornographic dances" were deported from Cambodia, the World Agencies said, citing the judicial authorities.

The ten, from the UK, Netherlands, Canada, New Zealand, and Norway, were arrested in January along with 77 others in a police action against a celebration in a private villa in Siem Reap province.