Psychoactive drugs

Captagon trade spirals to top $5 billion in 2021: report

Trade in the amphetamine-type stimulant captagon in the Middle East grew exponentially in 2021 to top $5 billion, posing an increasing health and security risk to the region, a report said.

Research by the New Lines Institute, to be released Tuesday and seen by AFP, paints an alarming picture of the impact booming captagon production is having on the region.

Montenegro Investigates Massive Tobacco Theft From Troubled Port

Head of Montenegro's Customs Office, Milena Petricevic, at the press conference. Photo: Montenegro's Customs Office

On Wednesday, police arrested a customs officer, Dejan Dabanovic, and Mimo Perocevic, owner of a private truck company, suspected of smuggling 11,349 boxes of cigarettes out of the port.