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Montenegro Mulls Banning Tobacco Storage in Bar to Counter Smuggling

Port of Bar in Montenegro. Photo: Government of Montenegro

"Our international partners' reports have expressed concern over the large volume of illegal transit and illegal placing on the market of tobacco products on the territory of Montenegro. They also emphasize that activities in the Port of Bar indicate the existence of security risks," the government said.

"The consequences can be disastrous" - it has nothing to do with coronavirus

Dragoljub Jovanovi, a pedagogue from the Special Hospital for Addiction Diseases in Drajzerova Street, told RTS that the consequences of drinking alcohol can be catastrophic for a young organism.
Dragoljub Jovanovi says that there are three factors in the development of alcoholism - the substance itself, a person with its individual characteristics and the environment.

Kyustendil Police Seized 16 kg of Heroin in Private House

Sixteen kilos of heroin were seized from a house in the village of Konyavo, near Kyustendil, in a raid in the late afternoon on Friday by the local police and the local unit for organized crime control, Kyustendil Police Spokesperson Katya Tabachka said on Saturday.
 The heroin was divided in 29 packets.

Worth of Heroin Shipment Ceased in Sliven Estimated at BGN 25 M

Speaking at a briefing in Sofia on Monday, head of the specialized prosecution service, Valentina Madjarova, said that the worth of nearly 500 kilos of heroin ceased during a raid in the southern city of Sliven on June 4 is estimated at BGN 25 million. Two persons, who are Turkish nationals, were detained in the raid. The two, whom the court remanded in custody, have no criminal record.