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Generations of Albanians Lived off Cannabis Production. Can They Stop?

Some 3,739 were convicted, including Valentina, but her brush with the law hasn't stopped her. Valentina's persistence is testimony to the deep roots of cannabis cultivation in rural regions of Albania, where poverty is rife and cannabis is seen as a financial lifeline. Police collusion also remains common.

Pandemic and Lockdown Made Bulgarians Seek Consolation in Antidepressants

The pandemic, lockdowns and the fear of the unknown have made the Bulgarians seek support in antidepressants and psychotropic drugs, shows a study by the National Center for Public Health Protection and Analysis - "Mental health aspects of the Covid-19 epidemic in Bulgaria".

The study compares data from the beginning of the pandemic with those from 2019.

Around 31 percent of Turkish population still smokes despite decade-long campaigns

Around 17 million people among Turkey's population of 83 million still smoke despite years-long efforts to discourage people from smoking, an expert said on National No-Smoking Day on Feb. 9.

But Murat Ağırtaş, the provincial health director of the Central Anatolian province of Kırıkkale, said Turkey dropped in the ranking of a list of heavy-smoker countries.