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Around 31 percent of Turkish population still smokes despite decade-long campaigns

Around 17 million people among Turkey's population of 83 million still smoke despite years-long efforts to discourage people from smoking, an expert said on National No-Smoking Day on Feb. 9.

But Murat Ağırtaş, the provincial health director of the Central Anatolian province of Kırıkkale, said Turkey dropped in the ranking of a list of heavy-smoker countries.

Police seize large cocaine haul, arrest 3 suspects

Greek police have seized a haul of 324 kilograms (714 pounds) of pure cocaine and arrested three people in the northern city of Thessaloniki.

They said Saturday that the suspects planned to mix the cocaine with other substances and sell it in Greece and other markets. It would have had a street value of 100 million euros.

Exports of medical cannabis forseen in new bill

A bill that seeks to reform the framework for the production and export of medical cannabis was presented to the cabinet on Thursday by Development Minister Adonis Georgiadis.

The bill facilitates the export of medical cannabis products, adhering to the same procedures that apply to generic medicinal products produced in Greece.

Man arrested over heroin stash in car tire

A man was arrested in Thessaloniki on Wednesday afternoon for transporting over 6.5 kilos of heroin hidden under the car frame and inside a spare wheel.

Greek Police had information on the suspect's activities and believe him to be a member of a drug trafficking ring.

The 6.5 kg and 520 grams of heroin found in his vehicle on Wednesday were divided in 13 packages.

Opting for Dry January, Benefits and Negative Effect

Giving up alcohol for January can have both a positive and negative effect on your body, an expert has shared.

While there are obvious benefits associated with avoiding alcohol, such as a reduced risk of developing cancer and liver disease later in life, Dry January can also have a surprising detrimental impact on your body.