Psychoactive drugs

A monstrous secret CIA mind control project revealed

Everything was revealed in the recently broadcast research series "Brainwashing" of the American TV network CBS, which was dedicated to the infamous MK-ULTRA project, Jutarnji list reports.
It was also revealed, after removing the secrecy mark from numerous documents, that the infamous project was carried out in Canada as well, and that the government there knew about it.

New Study: Almost Two Thirds of the Bulgarians Are Smokers

A study by the National Patients' Organization has found out that 59% of Bulgarians between the age of 19 and 64 are smokers.

Almost all respondents smoke cigarettes and very few use smokeless tobacco or e-cigarettes.

According to the study, 44% of smokers do not intend to change their bad habit, while another 41% plan to reduce smoking.

Police seize 670 kg of heroin in eastern Turkey

Turkish police seized 670 kilograms (about 1,477 pounds) of heroin in the eastern Van province over the last five days, the country's Interior Minister said on May 29.  

Süleyman Soylu lauded the efforts of the provincial police and anti-narcotics teams, saying the seizures were a heavy blow to the illicit drug trade.