Martin Luther King's daughter tells Facebook disinformation helped kill civil rights leader

Disinformation campaigns helped lead to the assassination of Martin Luther King, the daughter of the U.S. civil rights champion said on Oct. 17 after the head of Facebook said social media should not fact-check political advertisements.

Democrats say Trump administration used misinformation to attack US diplomat

Democrats accused the Trump administration on Oct. 2 of using "propaganda and disinformation" to attack the former U.S. ambassador to Ukraine and demanded that Secretary of State Mike Pompeo explain how the material circulated at top levels of his department.

Irresponsible authority

The murder of American biologist Suzanne Eaton on Crete is not your run-of-the-mill case. It will not be considered closed once the guilty party is put away. This case will register in the memory and history of the place where it happened.

Cases like this define and influence behaviors and shape minds. 

There was a flood of reactions to the incident, which was widely reported.

Maria Gabriel: There is a Tendency For More Disinformation at the Local Level

,,Thanks to the coordinated approach that we have built up at EU level, we have not witnessed a large-scale disinformation attack during the European elections.''This was stated in the studio of the BNT morning block, Commissioner for Digital Economy and Society Maria Gabriel.

Greeks ‘warmer’ than other Europeans toward migrants, survey finds

Despite frustrations with the European Union, the government, the economy and immigration, the majority of Greeks are more likely to express empathy towards refugees than to blame them for their circumstances, according to a report by More in Common, an international non-profit organization with teams around the world.