Public economics

Auditors Critique North Macedonia Over Uncompetitive Pandemic Tenders

State auditors in North Macedonia have criticised the tender procedures during the pandemic, saying the process lacked due competitiveness.

For each ten procurements related to the health crisis last year, nine were carried out by striking direct deals with companies, the state audit office, DZR, said in its latest report published on Tuesday.

Burning privatization issues

The government is facing hard legislative and executive work ahead to complete the privatization projects that have been ongoing for a long time and to proceed with others that have run into problems. At the same time, it will take an extra push to start other projects concerning the privatization of state assets that have not been utilized.

PPPs keeping construction sector afloat

Building projects adding up to 630 million euros have served as a lifeline for the construction sector, which has seen only a handful of new projects in the past few years. Since the start of this year, however, four tenders have been proclaimed, mainly by universities that intend to upgrade their facilities and particularly their student accommodation, where shortages are considerable.

Infrastructure Ministry aims at reversal of negative trend

The new minister of infrastructure, Costas A. Karamanlis, will have to juggle several hot potatoes when he takes over the portfolio on Wednesday, as in the net result of economic growth in infrastructure projects has been negative for the last four-and-a-half years, according to sector professionals.