Public finance

Thomsen says previous gov’t chose austerity over reforms

Referring to the mistakes that led to the derailment of the Greek rescue program, the International Monetary Fund's European department chief Poul Thomsen said during a speech at the London School of Economics on Monday that the previous SYRIZA-led government essentially chose austerity instead of reforms.

Postponing new income increases, waiving new tax cuts, recommendations of Fiscal Council president

The President of the Fiscal Council, Daniel Daianu, recommends postponing new increases of incomes / salaries, stopping the promises that generate unrealistic expectations in citizens and restructuring the state apparatus given that, according to him, the acute deficit of fiscal area is increasingly dangerous.

EU to Greece: Keep up the grind

On the occasion of the first anniversary of Greece's exiting its third and final austerity program Tuesday, the European Commission urged the country to continue its efforts to put its finances right, lower the still "unacceptably high" unemployment and heal the social fissures that resulted from the lengthy financial crisis.