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Bulgarians who had COVID Twice can Now Obtain a Green Certificate

As of today, people who have had Covid again will be able to receive a green certificate from the website of the National Health Information System.

Information Services announced that the software must be set up and from this morning the generation of a certificate will be possible.

Green Certificate for Antibodies Finally Approved in Bulgaria. But from When?

From Thursday, November 11, green certificates obtained after antibody testing will be introduced. This was announced at a briefing today by the Minister of Health Stoycho Katsarov.

The certificate will be for people who have had Covid asymptomatically, or for those who have tested themselves with a test from the pharmacy.

After an Investigation by Nova: Will There be Penalties for Fake Certificates in Bulgaria

An investigation by Bulgarian Media "Nova" has uncovered a large-scale scheme to issue green certificates to unvaccinated people. One of them costs 450 leva. False documents are received in just two days. According to an intermediary, between 15 and 30 false certificates are issued per day by only one doctor.

COVID-19: Will Greece Annul the Bulgarian Green Certificates?

Fake Bulgarian COVID certificates are sold for 300 euros in Greece. A report on the Greek state television ERT tells about such a scheme. According to a person who is a possible mediator, thousands of fake health passports printed in Bulgaria have been distributed in our southern neighbor.

Greek Media: For 300 euros in Sofia you Can Get a Fake COVID-19 Certificate

More than 2 million COVID Certificates have been Downloaded in Bulgaria

The total number of COVID certificates downloaded through the National Health Information System exceeded 2 million. In the last 10 days alone, when the new anti-epidemic measures were introduced, consumers have downloaded a total of more than 1.05 million documents, which is 55% of the total number of certificates.

"Information Service" for Green Certificates: We Repelled the biggest Cyber Attack in Bulgaria

The biggest hacker attack was carried out in Bulgaria against the National System for issuing green certificates.

This was confirmed by "Information Services", which have neutralized over 400 hostile campaigns in the last 3 days against the health site.

Bulgaria: The Requirement for a COVID-19 “Green Certificate” has Entered into Force

New anti-epidemic measures have been in force in the country since midnight. The green certificate is mandatory for places where there may be an accumulation indoors.

Without a green certificate we can only enter grocery stores, banks and pharmacies.