Public safety

Bulgaria: New Task Unit of Gendarmerie to Protect Civil Servants and Threatened Individuals

Some of the officers in the newly established police directorate for task operations and counterterrorism will take part in special training programs focused on shooting, checking and buildings' securing skills as well as on detaining terrorists and releasing hostages.

Athens to get ‘smart’ traffic light system

The Athens Traffic Police said on Monday that a "smart" traffic light system equipped with surveillance cameras to monitor pedestrians and motorists will soon be piloted in the Greek capital.

The exact location where the system will be installed was not revealed. The results of the pilot program will be evaluated in order to expand the measure throughout Attica.

Trial date for death of gay activist set for October 21

The trial over the death of 33-year-old LGBTQI activist Zak Kostopoulos in September 2018 in central Athens has been set for October 21.

Six people - two store owners and four police officers - are facing charges of causing fatal bodily harm.

The activist's family had lamented the delays in setting a date.

Draft law regarding measures to prevent and combat effects of COVID-19 pandemic on Gov't meeting agenda

The Government is to approve on Monday's meeting a draft law regarding some measures for the prevention and combat of the effects of COVID-19 pandemic which are to be implemented after 15 May, when the state of emergency will be switched to a state of alert.

Up against society

Are the crowds of young people who have been congregating recently in public squares in Athens and other parts of the country politically guided acts of the usual kind or spontaneous gatherings? Even if they did start as a reaction by young people to being cooped up at home for seven weeks, these party-like gatherings soon became political.

IntMin Vela says travel declarations not needed after May 15, unless cases exploding

Interior Minister Marcel Vela said on Monday that bona fide declarations for people's movement during the COVID-19 are singled out for being discarded after May 15, when a state of alert will be declared except for quarantined areas, however we are still two weeks away, and the cases of infection with the novel coronavirus have to be on a downward path for that to happen.