Public transport

New rules for Turkish airports unveiled

Turkey's civil aviation directorate has unveiled a set of rules to be implemented in airports as the country is easing some of its measures against the coronavirus in line with its normalization program. 

The new rules are part of the pandemic certification scheme, which is designed to ensure that airports are taking all necessary precautions against COVID-19. 

EU unveils guidelines for travel, tourism

The European Commission unveiled a series of measures aimed at ensuring people can start traveling safely across the continent again as governments try to revive tourism and airline industries brought to a halt by the coronavirus.

Below are the general guidelines for air, rail, water and road travel and steps for each mode of transport:

USR Bucharest proposes public transportation system capacity be reduced to 30pct

USR (Save Romania Union) Bucharest proposes six measures to be taken in the case of the public transportation system after May 15, among which the limitation of this system's capacity to 30 per cent and avoiding face to face contact between passengers.

Mass transport rules for the public include masks, social distancing

Passengers using public transport as of May 4, the day when the first round of measures relaxing the lockdown will come into effect, should wear a face mask, practice diligent social distancing and avoid unnecessary travel, the government said on Wednesday.

Citizens were also advised to use their car, if possible, instead of public transportation.