Kosovo War Rape Victims Confront Prejudice with Art

...<span>Exhibition by sexual violence survivors</span><span>Photo courtesy of UN Women</span><span>originaldate</span><span> 1/1/0001 6:00:00 AM</span>&

INTERVIEW/ Joel Best (Bell Helicopter): In Romania, the conditions for success are here

Bucharest, Aug 3 /Agerpres/ - In Romania, the conditions for success exist and, in case the agreement with Bell will be accepted by the Romanian and US governments, our country will be the only place outside the United States where the AH-1Z and the UH-1Y aircraft will be produced, said, in an interview granted to AGERPRES, Joel Best, director for Global Business Development Europe with Bell He

INTERVIEW/Carafano: Trump is controversial; when you look past controversy there is clarity of purpose in foreign policy

Bucharest, May 29 /Agerpres/ - US President Donald Trump is controversial both in the United States as in Europe but, "when you look past the controversy and you put that aside, there is a clarity of purpose in US foreign policy", said, in an interview for AGERPRES, foreign policy expert James Carafano.

PSD's Corlatean: Constitution's revision on family, necessary for Romanian society, yet against European trend

The steps referring to the revision of the fundamental law regarding the family are 'a necessary gesture for the long-term health of the Romanian society', and yet they go 'against the European trend', the Social-Democrat Senator Titus Corlatean asserted on Thursday.

INTERVIEW/Hodges (CEPA): We need you to improve infrastructure; equipment stuck two months for Saber Guardian

Romania must improve its road and rail network to ensure the efficiency of NATO operations, the former commander of the United States Army Europe, Benjamin (Ben) Hodges, stated in an interview for AGERPRES.

Meet Celinne Da Costa, the “female Odysseus” who found her Ithaca in the journey (photos)

While chatting with Celinne via Skype, the thought that immediately crossed my mind was Cavafy’s epic poem “Ithaca”. This nomad of the world seemed to me like a female Odysseus. But unlike Homer’s intrepid hero, who was thrust into his adventures despite his will, Celinne Da Costa was circumnavigating the globe with a clear purpose and conviction.