Government announces stricter public health measures after COVID-19 super-spreading events

The situation with enormous crowding at bars and clubs over the last days- at least 100 cases were traced to a single huge party, reportedly including many high school students in the Athens seaside area of Alimos - has left the government scrambling to tighten public health precautions and measures, which were announced today by Deputy Minister for Civil Protection Nikos Hardalias, to help ste

Racism, Police Brutality and Online Hate: Why Romania’s Roma are no nearer their Black Lives Matter Moment

"I don't know," the man wails.

"Then who was it?" comes the question.

The unsteady video offers a blurred glimpse of two uniformed officers swinging their arms at the man's legs. A third officer, in plainclothes, rests a shoe on the man's neck. A series of rapid thwacks fills the soundtrack, punctuated by the man's shrieks.