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Milo Yiannopoulos causes uproar after blasting Ariana Grande for pro-Islam stance

Milo Yiannopoulos, 32, the ultra-conservative British “provocateur”, has caused an uproar after calling US pop singer Ariana Grande “pro-Islam” and “anti-America” hours after the Manchester Arena suicide bombing attack that killed 22 people at her concert.

Which is the most valuable brand? (infographic)

Apple’s brand value has taken a dive according to Brand Finance’s “Global 500″ 2017 report. “Apple’s evangelists are beginning to lose their faith”, the report’s authors suggest. One reason being that Apple has failed to maintain its technological advantage and new devices just haven’t caught on with consumers like earlier gadgets did. Its value has dropped 27 percent year-on-year.

Kate Middleton had the best response to Prince William saying he plans to run a Marathon

Kate Middleton may be a member of the royal family, but that doesn’t mean she’s shy about keeping it real.

Earlier today, the Duchess of Cambridge delivered a moving speech alongside her husband Prince William and brother-in-law Prince Harry in service of their mental health organization Heads Together, and it seems as if the talk later turned to the group’s athletic pursuits.

Texas man sues woman for texting on phone during date

A Texas man has filed a lawsuit against a woman he went on a date with because she was texting in the cinema.

Brandon Vezmar, 37, said he complained about the unnamed woman’s phone use during their viewing of Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2.

She refused and walked out after Mr Vezmar repeated his requests.

Hot chicks & Cold beers: A deadly combination! (HOT PHOTOS)

Ah, nothing is better than a cold beer in a hot Summer’s day (well, it’s not Summer yet, but it’s sooo close now!)…

But, what if there is something even better than that!

Cold beers AND lovely women! Exactly as it happens every year in Germany’s Octoberfest!

Now you’re talking!

Have a nice weekend!…

Do stressed-out Japanese really stage elaborate disappearances? (VIDEO)

Some years ago, low on cash, I took an unusual job in Tokyo’s entertainment district Shibuya. Every morning I dressed in a swallow-tailed jacket stained with the sweat of a previous shift worker, assumed a fake name, and pretended to be an English butler for the women, and occasionally men, who visited a mock castle interior on the fifth floor of a beige high rise.