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Kevin Spacey apologises over “sexual advance” claim & “get out of the closet”!

Hollywood star Kevin Spacey has made an apology after being accused of making a sexual advance toward a child actor.

Anthony Rapp, who was 14, said Spacey invited him to a party and seemed drunk when the alleged incident happened.

Spacey, who was 26, said: “I honestly do not remember the encounter… but if I did behave then as he describes I owe him the sincerest apology.”

6 ways to get people to like you according to an FBI behavioural expert

No matter what you do in life, first impressions go a long way.

Whether it’s your first day at a new job, a random interaction, someone in your class or a date, a good first impression can last an eternity.

From there you will probably want to keep the conversation flowing, create a bond, build trust and above all make people like you.

Porn stars offer online english lessons with a twist! (photos-video)

If you’re hot for a teacher, these online linguistics courses may be for you. Webcam models are now teaching language lessons on the porn platform CamSoda. The private tutorials cover basic vocabulary as well as sensual conversation. According to Daryn Parker, vice president of the company, “breasts, butts, and vaginas” are included.

Straight men are having threesomes with their friends for a very weird reason

A British sociologist who has studied for a PhD in threesomes has revealed some strange trends in the sexual experiences of young people.

His findings reveal that the rise of bromances and acceptance of homosexuality has led to more threesomes between two men and a female.

Many men reported that these encounters are a way to bond with their closest male friends.

Death is not the end, scientific study claims! (video)

Is death the end of the road? That is without doubt the bigget question that has been on the mind of the human race from the moment our ancestors started becoming aware of themselves. Now, scientists say that the moment we die we are aware of our state of death, as our conscience continues to work after the vital organs of the body have stopped functioning.