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147 MPs vote “Yes” to sex change at 15 (watch live)

147 MPs out of the 285 present voted “Yes” to the article that allows teenagers at the age of 15 to undergo sex reassignmnet surgery. This means the bill on selection of sexual identity was voted into law. Now teenagers will be allowed to change their sex at 15. The amendment on the Turkish Union of Ksanthi was also voted in.

The 10 most beautiful public spaces in the world (photos)

Cars clogged the streets of Borehamwood, England, an outlying suburb of London, for decades. But in the mid-1990s, the town added new pedestrian-only areas to its center.
The change transformed the town, according to Esther Kurland, the director of Urban Design London, a nonprofit that connects urban designers and planners in the city.

SYRIZA MP: Who did the childern of Adam and Eve procreate with

The controversy over the sex reassignment bill has dominated the public discourse in Greece, since the government introduced a clause allowing teenagers as young as 15 years old to transition. The Greek Church stated its position on the matter in a categorical manner squarely condemning the bill.

Legendary battleship “Averof” sails to Thessaloniki! (VIDEO-PHOTOS)

The legendary battleship of the Hellenic Navy “George Averof” sails again on the Aegean Sea after 70 years. The destination is the city of Thessaloniki for the celebration of the National Day of October 28th, the day Italy declared war against Greece, which resulted in the country entering WWII.

Transphobic Facebook rant by 2004 Greek Euro Champion footballer causes uproar!

Veteran Greek footballer and Euro 2004 champion Vasilis Tsiartas posted a comment on his Facebook page regarding the law on gender change at the age of 15 causing an online uproar. “I hope the first sex changes to happen will be for the children of those who voted for this disgrace.