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Muraru: Gov't commitment to combat antisemitism, including by implementation of ECRI recommended measures, remains firm

The Government took notice of the actualization of the General Policy Recommendation on preventing and combating antisemitism, issued by the European Commission against Racism and Intolerance (ECRI) of the Council of Europe, and hails this demarche, according to deputy Alexandru Muraru, special representative of the Executive for the Promotion of Memory Policies, Combating Antisemitism and Xeno

Speaker Orban: The Iasi Pogrom is the bitter lesson of a history not to be forgotten

Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies Ludovic Orban said on Wednesday that the Iasi Pogrom is the bitter lesson of a history that, although it moves away from us, must not be forgotten. The Romanian Parliament on Wednesday commemorated for the first time ever the victims of the June 1941 Iasi Pogrom in a solemn session as part of a joint plenary sitting.

Racism still big threat in Germany: Turkish envoy

Turkish envoy to Germany said racism is still a big threat in Germany on the 27th anniversary of a racist attack in Solingen which saw the killing of five members of a Turkish family.
Speaking to Anadolu Agency, Ali Kemal Aydın said the pain caused by the racist attack that ultimately killed five Turks including three children is still alive in the hearts of the Turkish community.

Turkey urges unity to fight xenophobia, Islamophobia

All countries should work together in the fight against xenophobia and Islamophobia, Turkish deputy foreign minister said on Feb. 26, referring to a recent racist terror attack in Germany. 

Faruk Kaymakçı spoke during the high-level section of the 43rd session of the Human Rights Council at the European headquarters of the U.N. in Geneva.

A poster on the metro

"The right to be heard does not automatically include the right to be taken seriously," the American politician Hubert H. Humphrey said. Neither does it oblige one to offer a platform to the speaker in question, one might add.