With 99.82% Processed Protocols: Rumen Radev is with 66.70%. Anastas Gerdjikov with 31.82%

Rumen Radev and Iliana Yotova received 66.70%, Anastas Gerdjikov and Nevyana Miteva - 31.82%. This is shown by the CEC data for processed 99.82% SEC protocols in the REC. 1,537,347 voters voted for Rumen Radev and Iliana Yotova. For Anastas Gerdjikov and Nevyana Miteva the votes are 733 307. With the option "I do not support anyone" voted 34 092 voters, or 1.48%.

Today is a Day of Reflection before Second Round of Presidential Election in Bulgaria

Today is a day of reflection before the second round of the presidential election. On this day, political agitation and the publication of sociological data on the attitudes of voters is prohibited. The ban lasts from 00.00 today to 20.00 on election day on Sunday.

Ukraine Summoned the Bulgarian Ambassador due to President Radev’s Statement on Crimea

The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry summoned our ambassador to Kiev Kostadin Kojabashev because of the words of Rumen Radev during the election debate yesterday with Prof. Anastas Gerdjikov. The head of state said Crimea "is currently Russian territory." Radev explained that his position is the same as in 2016 - "it is important to have pragmatism in foreign policy.

How Radev and Gerdjikov Presented Themselves at the Debate - Assessment of Sociologists

In the studio of "The Day Begins", sociologist Boryana Dimitrova described the debate as very important, especially for people who want to vote informe, to see the position of the main candidates. She also commented that the differences were clear. According to Parvan Simeonov, the clash between the two presidential candidates passed almost without mistakes on their part.

Gendarmerie and Police in front of the Turkish Embassy in Sofia, Protecting it from Protests

Gendarmerie and police forces are in front of the Embassy of the Republic of Turkey on the capital's Vasil Levski Boulevard.

There are 6 gendarmerie buses on site, a lot of police, a fire truck and an ambulance. The diplomatic car was taken out and left the building with two people inside.

The entrance is closed.

How will Bulgarians Vote in the Runoff for President (Step by Step Instructions)

How will a Bulgarian vote for the president of the runoff on November 21, when the current head of state Rumen Radev and the GERB-supported Prof. Anastas Gerdjikov will face each other?

To make it easier for voters, last night the Central Election Commission uploaded a voting simulator that shows the voter step by step how to exercise their right to vote on the machine.

Over 40% is the Activity of the Presidential Election. What are the Final Results of the "2 in 1" Vote?

The Central Election Commission has announced the final results of the first round of the presidential election. As of 20.00 on November 14, with 100% processed protocols, the activity was 40.5%.

With 100% of the election protocols processed, the presidential candidate couple Rumen Radev - Iliana Yotova received 49.41% of the votes, and Anastas Gerdjikov and Nevyana Miteva - 22.82%.

Presidential Debate: Radev vs Gerdjikov on Thursday

BNT will organize and broadcast the only debate between presidential candidates Rumen Radev and Anastas Gerdjikov.

They will be in prime time on the public media program on Thursday at 8 p.m.

Fully in the tradition of social media, the debate will cover important topics for society, in which the main role is played by the presidential institution.