Miners and Energy Workers to Protest in Sofia in Defence of Coal-fired Power Generation

Miners and energy workers will protest in Sofia to protect power generation from Bulgarian coal. The rally is organised by Podkrepa trade union through the centre of the capital city, starting from Knyaz Aleksandar I Sq. at 1.00 pm, reports Focus News Agency. 

19-year-old Girl Stabbed her Boyfriend with a Knife, Doctors are Fighting for his Life

A 19-year-old girl from Radnevo stabbed her boyfriend with a kitchen knife, the Interior Ministry announced.

This happened during a scandal between the two.

The 28-year-old man is stabbed in the chest area.

He was transported to a hospital where he was placed in treatment, his condition is life-threatening. Doctors at UMHAT-Stara Zagora are fighting for his life.

The People on the Road Between Shipka and Buzludja who were in Trouble are Saved

Successful completion of the rescue operation in the Balkans. The people in trouble in their cars in Stara Planina - between Shipka peak and Buzludzha peak, are saved. They turned out to be 6 young people from the town of Radnevo who came to Buzludzha Peak to have fun with their cars in the snow.

Bulgarian Prosecutors Seek Permanent Detention for Four Men over Radnevo Beating

Bulgarian prosecutors have requested permanent detention into police custody of four men charged with attempted murder during a scuffle between ethnic Bulgarians and Roma people in the town of Radnevo, in southern Bulgaria.

The four face jail terms of 15 to 20 years or life imprisonment if convicted.

Clashes at Anti-Roma Rally in Radnevo, Bulgaria

Three policemen and four protesters suffered injuries after violent clashes broke out the rally in Radnevo, the Bulgarian interior ministry said on Thursday.

Around 2,000 people joined the protest on Wednesday evening, following an incident in which four men of Roma origin assaulted three Bulgarians in a street row on Monday.

Authorities Detain 43 Illegal Immigrants Near Bulgaria's Radnevo

Bulgarian authorities detained on Wednesday 43 illegal immigrants at the dam near the village of Topolyane, located in the municipality of Radnevo.

None of them was in the possession of identity documents and they identified themselves as refugees coming from Afghanistan and Pakistan.