Demolitions tender for illegal buildings relaunched

A tender for the demolition of 60 illegal structures in different parts of the Greek capital has been relaunched by the Environment Ministry after it failed to attract a bidder in 2019.
The 500,000-euro project is intended to clear away 44 buildings that are in violation of coastal zoning laws in areas including the popular seaside towns of Psatha and Porto Germeno.

Mural project brings joy to Mati

It was a summer afternoon when we took a ferry to return from the island of Andros to the port of Rafina last year. On the way back in the car we noticed what we thought was a beautiful sunset. However, after turning on the news, we realized that "the beautiful sunset" was actually a wildfire happening in Mati, close to the port of Rafina.

New wave of departures for the islands

Tourists with backpacks walk toward their ferry at the port of Piraeus on Friday. The country's biggest port saw a fresh wave of departures by both foreign visitors and Athenians heading to the islands of the Aegean for their summer holidays. A total of 30 ferries left Piraeus on Friday, with another 16 departing from Rafina and seven from Lavrio.

WWF Hellas warns of failings after Mati disaster

A smiling boy is depicted in a mural at the 1st Primary School of Rafina, in a photograph released Thursday. The mural is dedicated to the 103 people who died in disastrous wildfires that ravaged Mati and other parts of eastern Attica last July. In a statement Thursday, conservation group WWF Hellas pointed to dangerous shortfalls in the country's forest fire protection system.