Rail transport by country

Drula: This summer, we will have 12 pairs of Sun Trains on the Bucharest - Constanta route

A number of 12 pairs of InterRegio trains from CFR Passengers will be running this summer on the Bucharest - Constanta route, to which there will be added seven pairs of trains from the private operators Softrans, Regio Passengers, Transferoviar Passengers and Astra Trans Carpatic, the Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, Catalin Drula announced on Thursday on Facebook.

Chiritoiu: I am amazed by courage of Transport Ministry public servants allotting subsidies without checking them

The public servants with the Transport Ministry are very courageous to allot from public funds subsidies for the rail transport of people, on their own responsibility, without an electronic system in place to check what happened to this money, Bogdan Chiritoiu, the chair of the Competition Council, told on Wednesday the conference "Modern and efficient: rolling stock that Romania needs," organi

Thermal cameras installed at Athens and Thessaloniki main railway stations

Italian-owned railway operator Trainose will on Friday begin operating the thermal cameras it has installed at the two main railway stations in Athens and Thessaloniki as an additional precautionary measure against the spead of coronavirus and for the protection of passengers and staff.

High-speed train services set to resume after virus pause

The high-speed train services will resume in Turkey as of May 28 after they have been suspended as part of coronavirus precautions, a government official said on May 23. 

In a written statement, Transport and Infrastructure Minister Adil Karaismailoğlu said the train services suspended on March 28 will resume in four routes with 16 services in a day.

‘Unannounced’ strike by railway employees leaves passengers stranded

Commuters in Athens were stranded on train platforms on Tuesday morning as railway operator Trainose unexpectedly announced that the Athens suburban railway (Proastiakos) and intercity trains will not be operating due to an "sudden, unannounced" strike of railway employees at the main train depot in Athens.