Weather Forecast: Mostly Sunny

It will be mostly sunny today. In the afternoon, it will become cloudy in the southwest but no rain is expected. Light to moderate wind will blow from the south-southeast, it will become north-northeast in the western part of the Danubian Plain. Maximum temperatures between 10C and 15C, in Sofia - about 11C. Atmospheric pressure is close to the monthly average and will drop slightly.

Weather Foreast: Mostly Cloudy with Rain

Today, the weather across Bulgaria will be mostly cloudy, with light, scattered rain. Moderate, or temporarily strong in the Danubian Plain and eastern Bulgaria, winds will bring cold air from the north-northeast. In the evening, precipitation in western Bulgaria will intensify and quickly turn to snow, which will accumulate overnight.

Weather Forecast: Maximum Temperatures between 17C and 22C

It will be mostly sunny today, with some cloudy skies in the afternoon.

Some scattered rain expected in the mountainous and eastern areas. There will be light to moderate wind from the west-northwest. Maximum temperatures between 17C and 22C.

This is the National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology (NIMH) weather forecast.

Weather Forecast: Mostly Cloudy

It will remain mostly cloudy today, with scattered rain in southwestern Bulgaria. Occasional cloud breaks will occur mainly over the northeast areas. Light to moderate winds from the east-northeast will continue to blow. Daytime temperatures will rise slightly, with highs reaching 9C to 14C. 

This is the National Institute for Meteorology and Hydrology (NIMH) weather forecast.

Weather Forecast: Cloudy and Rainy - Stay at Home!

Mostly cloudy weather is expected today, with occasional cloud breaks over the northeast. In places, mainly in the southwestern part of the country, it will rain; in higher fields - a mix of snow and rain is expected. Moderate, or occasionally strong wind in the Danubian Plain and eastern Bulgaria, will continue to blow from the northeast.

NIMH: Snow in Most Parts of the Country

Today, snow is expected in most of the country, significant quantities in western areas. It will rain in the Upper Thracian Plain and along the Black Sea. In most of the country, moderate to strong winds will shift to the north-northeast. Maximum temperatures between 0C and 5C, in far southeastern areas and along the Black Sea coast -- up to 7-8C.