Telekom Slovenije reports surge in cyberattacks

Telekom Slovenije, Slovenia’s largest telecommunications provider, dealt with 22% more cyberattacks in the past year than the year before, when it detected a record number of such attacks. Cyberattacks targeting individuals and companies of all sizes increased with the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the company said in Monday’s press release marking European Cybersecurity Month.

Montenegro Sent Back to Analog by Unprecedented Cyber Attacks

"After the ransomware attack last week, Government DNS namespace is blocked so the administration switched to offline mode. According to internal investigation, a cyber-attack happened after a malicious software was uploaded from the computer in one of Government services," a government source told BIRN, speaking on condition of anonymity.

National Natural Gas System Operator (DESFA): Crucial documents posted on the dark web

The group behind the cyberattack against the National Natural Gas System Operator proceeded to publish part of the documents they managed to intercept from the DESFA servers.

According to the first information, the material that has reached their hands is estimated at more than 350 GB, with the experts who have dealt with the case underlining that it is a "difficult case".

Why is it Important to Look after the Online Presence of your Business?

A business's online presence is a fragile thing, especially in comparison to how important it is for a business's survival. You need your business's online presence to be able to thrive in the world today, and you need to make sure that you are making the most of every tool that you have access to.

North Korean Hackers Stole £450m in world's largest Cryptocurrency Theft

North Korean hackers have stolen £450 million in the world's largest cryptocurrency theft. The hacker group known as Lazarus is behind the 2017 WannaCry Ransomeware attack, which affected 200,000 computers worldwide, including those of the National Health Service.

Greek Post Restarts Services After Cyber-Attack Downs System

Hellenic Post, ELTA, announced on Wednesday that it had restarted the system that enables objects and items to be sent abroad after a cyber-attack brought the computers down.

Days before, financial services and the sending of simple correspondence were also re-activated. The suspension of these operations, among other things, has caused delays in the payment of pensions.