Fertility rate in Turkey in decline, but still above European average: TÜİK

Turkey's total fertility rate, the average number of live births that a woman gives, fell to 1.88 per woman in 2019, according to data released by the Turkish Statistical Institute (TÜİK).

"While the total fertility rate was 1.99 children in 2018, it was 2.07 children in 2017. This showed that fertility remained below the population's replacement level of 2.10," TÜİK stated.

PSD Senator Daniel Zamfir: Contracts for provision of services, utility supply, expressed in domestic currency

The contracts concluded for the provision of services or for the utility supply can be expressed only in lei, if both the issuers and the recipients are Romanian residents, stipulates a legislative proposal initiated by Social Democratic Party (PSD) Senator Daniel Zamfir. "As promised, I submitted the draft law on contracts and payment of invoices on Romania's territory.