Real estate

Bureaucratic woes

The inexcusable hardship that citizens face at National Cadastre offices has its roots in the very beginning of the Greek state, in its inability to draw up a registry since then in the face of strong resistance, a weak central administration and general indifference. Now Greece is trying - in a few years - to impose order on 200 years of chaos.

Unlicensed foreign realtors selling houses through social media

Foreigners residing for a long time in the southern province of Antalya have started to work illegally as real estate agents to sell or rent properties with a 10 percent commission through social media groups amid the increasing demand of Ukrainians and Russians to reside in the city.

Commercial realty thriving

Investments in Greek commercial real estate, i.e. hotels, shops, offices and warehouses, posted a new record last year, as recent data from a real estate consultancy firm show that Greek and foreign funds invested in this property category 40% more in 2022 than in 2021, reaching 1.65 billion euros.