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Digital Real Estate 101: 3 Tips To Generate Passive Income

You can become the owner of online property if you've always desired to be one. These days, it's possible to develop virtual 'land' and turn it into anything you want. That's the power of digital real estate, which will allow you to generate passive income. Keep reading to find out what it's all about.

What Is Digital Real Estate? 

Realty Prices on Bulgarin Black Sea Coast Go Up

80% of the purchasers of holiday properties along Bulgaria's Black Sea coast are Bulgarian nationals, indicate data of experts from a large construction and investment company. "The travel restrictions stemming from the coronavirus pandemic and the uncertain economic environment made a number of people take action and buy properties.

Property companies brace for difficult months ahead

Real estate investment companies (REICs) have been reading up on the strategies developed during the period of the deep recession in the early 2010s ahead of the difficult months ahead for the property market.
The three main policies REIC managers will be following this year are investment risk management, lower bids for property purchases, and the targeting of higher returns.